• Workshop: Teaching Your Students How to Learn

    Teaching effectively is only half the story… to truly advance student outcomes we also have to teach them to learn effectively.  What are some of the myths that students have about their own learning?  What can you do to help correct those myths and teach them evidence-based approaches to studying? Kim Bethea, the new Director of Learning Assistance Services, will lead an interactive workshop to help you help your students. Wed. 2/10, noon - 1:30pm, 4123 McKeldin Library

  • The Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center

    Have you seen the amazing progress on the new Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center? It will be the first new academic building on McKeldin Mall in 50 years and house active learning classrooms throughout. It will also be the home of the TLTC in 2017. You can watch the transformation on this webcam!

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  • TLTC Job Opening

    The TLTC is hiring a Program Assessment Analyst. The person in this full-time position will play a key role in developing evidence-based education and learning analytics solutions to improve teaching and student learning on campus. Please submit your application by Feb. 8, 2016 for best consideration.