Learner-Centered Teaching: It's not about US

     Center for Teaching Excellence


Wednesday, April 10


12:00-1:30 PM


Spencer Benson, Center for Teaching Excellence


Maryland Room, Marie Mount Hall

with credit to http://www.thecreativeeducator.com

Learner-centered teaching focuses on the student as the learner and on the processes of learning rather then the transmission of information. There are many different strategies that instructors can use to foster learner-centered teaching, including active learning, group work, meaning-making, the development of students' ability to learn-how-to learn, etc. In this workshop we (CTE) will present current definitions of learner-centered teaching and the challenges and rewards of using this approach. Participant will share experiences in their use of learner-centered pedagogies and the challenges they have encountered. This is a hands-on workshop where participants are encouraged to bring their own web-connectable devices.

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