Archived Events

March 08, 2017
Technology Workshop
Thinking about ways to encourage your students to participate more in class? Want to find ways to learn how well your students understand the material without grading more papers? Just want to know... read more
March 07, 2017
Learning Community
The TLTC invites you to attend our upcoming Teaching-as-Research (TAR) meeting. TAR involves deliberate, systematic, and reflective use of research methods to advance teaching and learning in higher... read more
March 02, 2017
Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Series
The research is clear - students are more engaged and have better learning outcomes when they perceive your course’s climate to be inclusive, positive, and supportive. Come learn why it matters and... read more
February 24, 2017
Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Series
Do you say anything at all or just pretend like nothing happened? Do you ask students how they are thinking and feeling? Do you share your personal views or remain a neutral third-party? Managing hot... read more
February 16, 2017
Part of the TLTC's mission is to help you make the most impact with the time you spend teaching. Of course, much of that time takes place outside the classroom, so bring a laptop and come try... read more
February 14, 2017
Technology Workshop
Thinking about trying group or team work and want to know how ELMS and other online tools can make your life easier? Already using teams, but want to find better ways to grade or encourage... read more
February 08, 2017
We can all agree that engaging are students as active participants in their own learning is a good thing, but figuring out how to do that can be daunting (especially in large courses). This won’t be... read more
February 02, 2017
Come take a deeper dive into the science behind much of our guidance and get some hands-on time thinking through how to apply it in your own courses. We will explore the evidence for active learning... read more
January 27, 2017
As demand for accountability grows, institutions are being asked to present data to document their accomplishments, particularly in the area of student success. Hear Jeff Gold of California State... read more
January 23, 2017
The Graduate School and the TLTC will host a campus-wide orientation for graduate student who are serving in teaching roles. The orientation is open for both new and returning teaching assistants and... read more