Each semester, the TLTC hosts a series of workshops on issues related to teaching and learning. All University of Maryland teachers and others interested in ideas and issues related to teaching and learning are invited to attend. Relevant materials and handouts are provided, and light refreshments are served.

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February 21, 2019
Join us to review pedagogical best practices and design techniques to consider when developing an online or blended course. This workshop will also summarize and synthesize research about instructor... read more
February 27, 2019
Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Series
The Neurodiversity Faculty Learning Community invites you to an event centered around neurodiversity and teaching neurodiverse students. From a place of appreciative inquiry rather than expertise and... read more
March 06, 2019
Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Series
When teaching and learning move online, having meaningful class conversations can become more challenging - particularly when students are asked to share their ideas, opinions, or disagreements.... read more
March 14, 2019
If you are applying for an academic position, or going up for promotion here at the University of Maryland, you will need a teaching philosophy statement as part of your portfolio. Whether you would... read more
March 28, 2019
In this workshop, we will focus on the factors that influence student motivation and whether specific teaching and learning approaches can foster student motivation. One of the most common questions... read more
April 03, 2019
Are you interested in dipping your toe into an education research project? Perhaps you use an innovative pedagogy into your class, and you're interested in evaluating it for publications and... read more
April 10, 2019
Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Series
Do you say anything at all or just pretend like nothing happened? Do you ask students how they are thinking and feeling? Do you share your personal views or remain a neutral third-party? Managing hot... read more
April 18, 2019
Let’s discuss discussion! Join us as we model several effective strategies for structuring and promoting discussion amongst small (and large) groups of learners. This workshop will help you to... read more
April 24, 2019
This interactive workshop will use case studies of situational or ethical dilemmas that faculty may face in their day-to-day job. This is a chance to think about such situations before they occur and... read more
May 01, 2019
Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Series
How can diversity and inclusion be infused throughout all courses we teach? What can inclusive pedagogy look like in STEM, social sciences, the humanities, and the arts?... read more




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