• Thank-a-Gram Pile
    Over 3,000 Thank-a-Grams Collected!

    Our Third Annual Thank a Teacher Week was a major success! We sent out over 3,000 thank you cards to instructors and members of the UMD community!

  • Course Design Retreat Logo
    Course Design Retreat

    If you have a course that you're designing, redesigning, or just thinking about creating, bring your materials to work on and get helpful feedback.

  • TLTC Launch Program Ad - picture of rocket launching, Launch your teaching to the next level, tltc.umd.edu/launch
    TLTC Announces Launch Program

    Central to the TLTC’s mission, its Faculty Launch Program provides faculty with a cohesive but customizable series of professional development activities to help them advance their teaching, collect evidence of their effectiveness, and leverage innovative, evidence-based approaches in their classrooms.

Upcoming Events

August 29, 2019
Diversity and Inclusion Workshop Series
September 06, 2019
Faculty Portfolio Workshop

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