• The Edward St. John Learning and Teaching Center

    Have you seen the progress on the new building? It will be the first new academic building on McKeldin Mall in 50 years, house active learning classrooms and the TLTC in 2017. Watch the transformation on this webcam!

  • TLTC Launch Program Ad - picture of rocket launching, Launch your teaching to the next level, tltc.umd.edu/launch
    TLTC Announces Launch Program

    Central to the TLTC’s mission, its Faculty Launch Program provides faculty with a cohesive but customizable series of professional development activities to help them advance their teaching, collect evidence of their effectiveness, and leverage innovative, evidence-based approaches in their classrooms.

  • Celebrating the impact of teaching on campus

    Expressing appreciation and collectively recognizing the excellence in teaching that exemplifies the University of Maryland. Free events and Thank-A-Gram deliveries all week.

  • ITL 2017 - Fearless Teaching
    23rd Annual Innovations in Teaching and Learning Conference

    Learn how the UMD community is making teaching fearlessly innovative and effective. Attendence is free for College Park faculty, teaching assistants, and instructional support staff.

  • Available for Fall 2017 in Edward St. John

    The 6Round classrooms are specifically designed for your students to work in teams. To request one, ask your department scheduler, and provide them with a brief note on how the room supports your course plan.


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